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Fixed Fee Probate

complete service - estates with no iht to pay

If the deceased's estate has no Inheritance Tax to pay we charge a fixed fee of 1% of the net estate +VAT to complete all estate work from start to finish.

So what do you get for 1%+VAT? You save time and family disputes and get a complete service, with Probate applied for, HMRC forms accurately completed, funds realised and beneficiaries paid.

All fees and costs are fully explained before you ask us to start, there are no hidden charges.



If you are comparing fees ensure you know what you're getting for your money. Our service is a 'start to finish' one, you drop a box of papers at our office, or we collect them from you, and then do everything for you.

See'3 Stage Probate' for information on what we do, and what others may do.

Other firms might refer to a Probate service which is just the 'middle' part of a three step process. We charge one fixed fee for all three parts.


If the Estate has IHT to pay see our Fixed Fee Service.

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