Probate Application


You should know of the value of the estate by completing the Master Financial Summary or IHT400 Summary before you start to complete the probate forms.


The process varies depending on which form you are submitting so make sure you have gone through the previous sections on ‘Which HMRC Form Do I Use?’ and ‘Valuing the Estate’ first.


The Probate Forms tell the Probate Registry about the deceased and the value of the deceased’s estate. It is very important to be as accurate as possible.


If the estate is ‘borderline’ on which HMRC form you are going to use wait for every asset holder to confirm and get formal valuations of any property.


See ‘Valuing the Estate’.




The fee is currently £273 for estates over £5,000 plus £1.50 per copy of the grant. You should request as many copies of the grant as you think you will need to send at any one time, ideally one for each asset holder.